H. R. Scudder

I am retired from the United States Marine Corps after serving 20 years. I love being able to serve the American People and do everything I can do to keep the freedoms we all enjoy and love. After I retired in 2013 I spent the next four years applying for multiple positions to begin my next career without any luck. For as long as I can remember I would see advertisements for helping people in other Countries, but not many for our own Country and our own people. So, in May 2017, I had a dream that continues to this day about setting up and operating a Non-Profit Organization founded specifically for helping American’s first. In the dream, I kept seeing the name American’s First, so one day I decided to take a chance and I filed the paperwork and started American’s First Organization. With support from our fellow American’s, together we can help our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers who are in need of help and cannot find any.