By donating you can help our fellow American’s immensely and feel good about it all. God willing, with enough assistance we will not only have the ability to feed our Nation’s homeless citizens but we will also be able to transport in shower, restroom, laundry, and clothing trailers so they can feel joy and a sense of belonging again. And for our senior citizens who are trying to survive on a small fixed income who are unable to afford home repairs, we are here to assist so they can have the peace of mind that their home will remain habitable.

By helping as many American’s as we can, we are not just helping them, we are also participating in the long-term future health of our country and our fellow American’s. A healthy and happy person is the most valuable asset we have, and by helping our citizens in need to regain the dignity they so desperately desire, we will be planting seeds for our children to continue our pursuit to ensure no citizen is hungry, left out in the cold or feel they have been forgotten about.

Our future goals are to help every American who is struggling to survive and properly feed their children and to also house our homeless citizens in remodeled, structurally sound, warehouses or abandoned apartment buildings with the means to be just like any other American Citizen, i.e.: cook, clean, shower, and do laundry.

Would you please help us end the hunger on our streets and help our homeless, our senior citizens, and low income American’s regain their dignity? We do not ask for a specific amount; we only ask that you donate what your feel comfortable with, the greater the amount the greater the assistance we can provide. Any amount you’re willing to donate will be greatly appreciated.