American’s First is a Not For Profit Organization founded to help Veterans and American’s in need with our current focus on homeless and senior citizens.

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  1. As soon as we begin receiving donation and establish a Board of Directors we will open an office in the Tampa, FL area. We will then begin hiring qualified persons and then begin our dream of having at least one office in every state. With your help and support, together we will achieve this goal and help every American we can.

  2. We have been invited and have scheduled to attend meetings and a few events in the Tampa, FL area over the next several weeks and we are looking forward to it.

    We’ll keep you posted.

  3. Last week we were invited and went to the Brandon Community meeting in Brandon, FL at Bay Life Church. We met some really good people who are always helping our neighbors who need and deserve it. We had a great time meeting and interacting with everyone and we established some outstanding contacts for our future events and meeting. God willing, we look forward to the future and the help we can provide to out neighbors and fellow citizens.

  4. We went to the Continuum of Care meeting in Tampa on Thursday December 7th. It was a good and interesting meeting about homeless in the area. The next meeting is January 4, 2018.

  5. We attended the Homeless Outreach – Community Event in Brandon, FL on December 12th and we met some great people and talked with others we know who are helping our homeless population. There were many local and national organizations attending this event. We had a great time and witnessed the capacity for compassion people have for each other.

  6. We are continuing our search for founding donors, so we can begin helping as many American’s as we can. With your support, together we can make this a reality for all American’s who need our help.

  7. We are continuing our search for founding donors and donations so we can begin helping our fellow Americans. With the necessary support we can help our Senior Citizens, our Single Parents who need home repairs, and our homeless who are cold and go hungry. We need your support to make this a reality for the American Citizens who are in need. Please, will you help us by visiting our donation page and donate?

  8. We will have to shut down soon if we do not receive the support we need to do what we were founded to do, and that is help Veterans and American’s in need.

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